The Arts Society, formerly The National Association of Decorative and Fine Arts Societies (NADFAS) is a pioneering educational arts charity that has been fostering appreciation of the decorative and fine arts and the preservation of our national heritage for over 40 years. The association has a membership of around 95,000, supporting a network of 366 local Societies in the UK, Europe and Australasia, that is increasing all the time. Worldwide, The Arts Society is in 7 countries in total. There is a total of 20 Areas within The Arts Society, including Mainland Europe and there are 8 Societies in New Zealand.

The Arts Society  Chiltern Hills Area currently covers most of the societies in Buckinghamshire and includes some in east Oxfordshire, and in Windsor and Maidenhead, This Area comprises 15 Societies,  further details of which can be found in the Societies  section.

With inspiring monthly lectures given by some of the country's top experts, together with days of special interest, educational visits and cultural holidays, The Arts Society is a great way to learn, develop your knowledge of the arts, have fun and make new and lasting friendships.

You can find out more about The Arts Society nationally by clicking here.

In Chiltern Hills we play our part in preserving our national heritage and giving back to the arts, with volunteers involved in

  • Church Recording - archiving details of stained glass windows, medieval wall paintings, ancient silver, church organs etc.

           and we learn that to a modern child "font" means the size and shape of letters ​

  • Restoration and conservation of old books 

           painstaking work under the guidance of a professional conservator

  • Trails to encourage young children to explore their local churches and discover ancient things

           Church is not just for Sunday School!

  • Young Arts projects, funded by our societies to help school children to develop their artistic talent and expression

           making things can be fun  and different!

  • Grants to students in tertiary education, in areas such as silver-smithing, jewellery, furniture making and textiles

           all based round local resources to be found in our area.

Have a look at our site, where photographs and videos add to the descriptions of our various activities.

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