The New Club

Some long time ago, surrounded in mists, many of the wives in the newly built Prince Consort and Prince Albert Drives in Ascot began to meet for coffee.  They then started to arrange trips out together, a variety of entertainments and supper parties, and invited their friends to join them:  so the Princes’ Club was born.  After decades of friendship and success circumstances changed and the Club was wound up.

In 1998,  Sheila Russell suggested to some of the enterprising ladies of the former club that they get together and form a new club.  When interest was registered they devised a constitution, rules, and formed a committee.  A meeting was held and the new club was embraced with enthusiasm by its members.   No agreement was reached on the different names put forward, so by default the name remained, The New Club.

The New Club is a private ladies club run by its members for its members, and has flourished since its inauguration in 1999.  We have a membership limit of ninety, from which an annually changing committee produces a calendar of events for each year.  This lists various activities ranging from coffee mornings, coach trips to places of interest and afternoon teas with guest speakers.  Members may invite guests to join them for certain events, and any profits are given to charity at the end of the year.   

Members also have the opportunity to join ongoing Special Interest Groups, where they can share their passion for a variety of subjects: Art, Bridge, Computer Skills, Churches, Cookery, Film, Music, Poetry, Theatre, Walks and more .....  

The New Club is unique - we take pride in the way we care for one another and take delight in each other’s company.

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