In November Longlevens Infants school spent several session at Nature in Art supported by Our Young Arts programme. The project was based on Vincent van Gogh paintings, ‘Starry Night’ inspired a painting composed of 36 individual panels.

The children used van Gogh’s many paintings of sunflowers to produce a large sculpture (see Home page). Fir cones were used to make the seed heads at the centre.

The exhibition was opened at the end of November with children, teachers and parents at the ceremony, and continued through much of December

We have a raffle for a book at every lecture and the profit from this is used for our Young Arts programme. This involves working with young people to help their Arts activities.

After various delays with projects for which the society has had the money to support, 2014 saw a very successful project at Staunton and Corse C of E Academy. This involved every pupil contributing to making a willow arch with the society paying for the materials and the expertise of a willow artist Helen Lomberg

This was followed by a productive association with ‘Nature in Art‘ at Twigworth. Committee member Wendy Davies met the education officer and three half-day sessions were arranged for three different Special Needs schools ( Battledown Centre, Alderman Knight and Milestones). They were taught wire sculpture, or did some pond dipping and younger children made ‘bear dens’.

In the past the fund has paid for a primary school bus trip to a museum. It has paid for the materials for silk screen printing at another local primary school. They decided to make seven screens representing the seven days of creation. This is the dramatic effect they achieved for the first day when light was created.

The latest project has been to buy the materials for a mosaic pavement next to the playground at a third local primary school. They are in the process of completing a further mosaic panel of the school emblem.